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Mega Joker Slot play online for free

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Mega Joker from NetEnt is a slot game which can be played in three modes – basic, random progressive jackpot, and Super Meter. This 3 reel slot game has five betline options. Just like several other games from slot publisher NetEnt, Mega Joker games have become extremely popular. It has one of the highest RTPs – an astonishing 99% – amongst the games from the publisher.

Mega Joker Slot Basics

Players can start betting from as low as €0.10 to even €1.00 on each betting line. They can also place coins from 1 to 2 on these betting lines. The basic mode allows users to go from one to 10 coins; only one bet line is activated when one coin is used whereas all paylines are activated when betting with 10. The latter allows the player to enter into the Super Meter mode.

Additional Info
  • • Launch: November 25, 2015
  • • Software: Novomatic
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 9
  • • Min. bet: 0.01 per line
  • •Max. bet: 2 per line
  • •Payout %: 96%

Entering into the Super Meter mode allows the player to bet in 20, 40, 100, or even 200 coins. The winnings are sizeable in this mode with averages around 2000 coins for each win. Mega Joker game can even be enjoyed with any stakes, but some features are limited when there is no stake involved.

Basic Mode in Mega Joker

The Mega Joker basic mode allows players to bet with clients ranging from 1 to 10, but all paylines become active only when 10 coins are used in a single bet. Basic mode allows the user a choice of either collecting the winnings or using the same to enter into Super Meter mode. In the basic mode, 3 jokers in a row gives 400 coins, 3 treasure chest gives 2000 coins, and three bells give 200 coins. The rest of the pack – watermelon, lemon, and cherries – provide winnings in the region of 20 to 80 coins.

Super Meter Mode in Mega Joker (or How to Win)

The Super Meter mode in Mega Joker slot is one of the main attractions in the game and it can be accessed with a 10 coins as a maximum bet. The betting can range from 20 to 200 coins in this mode. Getting three of either Bell, Seven, Watermelon or Joker provides the player with the opportunity to win from 800 to 2000 coins. Receiving the likes of grapes, orange, lemon, or cherries in threes will see wins in the region of 200 to 400 coins.

If you want to grab the jackpot, play using the maximum coin value and in regular mode. Remember that only the reels from the bottom qualify for the jackpot. You can win big with the super-meter as well, but that's the second highest win besides the jackpot.

Random Jackpot

This is a randomly drawn jackpot and it is a cumulative prize. The jackpot is 800 coins.

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